Terminal Training

Yesterday morning I bought Remy’s new online course called Terminal Training. As you might guess it teaches you how to use the terminal from the very beginning on. In the description Remy writes

A video training course to cure you of any fear of the terminal. For designers, new developers, UX, UI, product owners and anyone who's been asked to “just open the terminal”.

I myself am not a heavy terminal user or fan. I don’t fear it neither. I know about the basics, but am far from being an expert. So I was thinking Is it too basic for me or too advanced in the later parts?, but I have to say it is just great. Remy takes you from the very beginning of explaining how to navigate the file system on your computer to more complex things and pitfalls which he teaches you to avoid.

Not only is this great content for a topic which is usually not known to be a very colourful topic with lots of tasty images and things to look at, but also the way Remy recorded the video and explains everything very clean and understandable is just fantastic. You can see Remy sitting in his kitchen (I assume) sitting in front of “[…] this new Macbook Pro […]”, recording the video with the build-in camera of the mac. As mic, if I see right, he uses his Apple headphones’ mic. Quality of video and sound is great and that shows, that you don’t need high quality gear to produce video tutorials worth watching, with good content.


I copied Remy’s table of content to show you what his video covers.

1. “Just open the terminal”

  • Just open the terminal (03:22)
  • Why use a terminal? (03:23)
  • Navigating directories (07:71)
  • Navigation shortcuts (01:06)

2. Install all the things

  • Running applications (05:47)
  • brew install fun (07:46)
  • gem install (06:32)
  • npm install --global (09:44)
  • Which is best? (02:13)

3. Tools of the Terminal Trade

  • Connecting programs (08:25)
  • echo & cat (01:34)
  • grep "searching" (06:22)
  • head tail less (10:24)
  • sort | uniq (07:58)

4. How (not) to shoot yourself in the foot

  • Delete all the things (07:42)
  • Super user does…sudo (07:50)
  • Permissions: mode & owner (11:16)
  • Kill kill kill! (12:21)
  • Health checking (12:54)

5. Making the shell your own

  • Owning your terminal (09:19)
  • Fish ~> (10:18)
  • Themes (01:51)
  • zsh (zed shell) (10:11)
  • zsh plugins: z st… (08:26)
  • Aliases (05:43)
  • Alias++ → functions (08:15)

6. Furthering your command line

  • Piping workflow (08:14)
  • Setting environment values (03:04)
  • Default environment variable values (01:46)
  • Terminal editors (06:41)
  • wget and cURL (09:53)
  • ngrok for tunnelling (06:38)
  • json command for data massage (07:51)
  • awk for splitting output into columns (04:11)
  • xargs (for when pipes won't do) (02:15)
  • …fun bonus-bonus video (04:13)


I myself got the Master Package. Not because it has 17 more videos, which certainly is nice, but because I’m old-fashioned and like to download the videos also. The special launch price for this package is $99 and I think this is great value. There is a cheaper package for $59 that comes without the ebook and without downloadable videos, but might be ok for you to start with. A third price, $299, is meant to be for teams. All packages come with unlimited updates, which makes me guess that Remy is going to update the training at a later point.

terminal.training by/with Remy Sharp