⇾ 12 Modern CSS One-Line Upgrades

Steph Eckles says “Sometimes, improving your application CSS just takes a one-line upgrade or enhancement” and released 12 useful modern CSS one-line upgrades.

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Because Moritz Gießmann liked Lea Verou’s color contrast checker so much before it was sold and found out that it was published under the MIT license, he created the original version again and published it for your use at

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⇾ We’ve been waiting 20 years for this – History of the Web Newsletter

I don’t know if you are subscribed to the “History of the Web” newsletter by Jay Hoffmann. A good read anyways, but I wanted to point you to the latest edition in particular.

But the blogging of today won’t look like the blogging of 2002. There are too many things that have changed. The web is bigger, It is more divisive and more complicated and the need for moderated discussion is great. As the blogging revolution is reflected through this new cycle, it will look like something different.

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⇾ Tell Your Story by Lexware

In 2020 I have been interviewed for the Lexware magazine titled “Tell your Story”. I now found out, that [the article by itself is also online in their online archive](

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⇾ 9 Questions For ... Marc Thiele


A few weeks ago Keir Whitaker, good friend of mine and also part of beyond tellerrand since a couple of months (well he always has been somehow), threw 9 questions my way. I like to answer these kinds of questions, as I mostly learn something about myself while answering them.

He says:

“9 Questions For…” is an interview series in which I ask founders and solo entrepreneurs to share their experiences of doing “their thing, their way”. The questions might be the same but the insights certainly aren’t!

Well, and here are my answers to those 9 questions

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⇾ Let’s Reinvent the Wheel – Vasilis van Gemert


Vasilis van Gemert has been one of the speakers last week at border:none. He has written about the gist of his talk, with which he was closing the event. He closes his write-up with the following paragraph …

In ten years I would love to do another talk at the next border:none conference. And I would love to do a very happy talk then. About the incredible tools that we’ve been using in the previous ten years that truly let you design all layers of the web: the visible, the invisible, the UX layers. I want to talk about all the people with disabilities who’ve joined our design teams and started designing for truly accessible UX. And I would love to show all the incredibly beautiful and fantastic websites you’ve all been making on our wonderfully weird web. Please make it so. I don’t want to switch to a different industry.

That is a great wish and idea. I support this and am looking forward to his talk in October 2033!

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⇾ border:none 2023 – Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold, who was attending border:none 10 years ago also, has written a nice recap of his experience last week at border:none in Nuremberg. Thank you Tom!

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⇾ border:none 2023 – Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith, one of the speakers at last weeks border:none, has written about the event Joschi and I organised. Thanks for that and thanks for being part of this little adventure.

At the end of the event there was some joking about returning in 2033. I love the idea of a conference that happens once every ten years. Count me in!

Well … see you in 2033! ;)

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⇾ No Borders – Matthias Ott

Matthias Ott has written about our boder:none Event on his blog. Thanks a lot. Joschi and I had a great time running it!

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⇾ 4600 Pixel Perfect Open Source Icons

Tabler Icons is a library of over 4500 open source icons. You can download 4200 for free or use their pay what you want option for the full set (please do!)

Found in Veerle’s Mastodon stream

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