A generated film that never is played in the same way, you ask? For whom could this work out and isn't that too chaotic to watch? Well, if your subject is Brian Eno and his life, it is absolutely fitting.

Panel with Eno and the people behind the film

At least the version I have seen on Saturday in the Barbican in London was an absolute watchable and great experience. So proud of what my friend Brendan Dawes is part of here. Gary Hustwit, Bren and their team did a wonderful job here and if you have a chance to watch it, you should not miss out.

Vic Lee, Jude Pullen and me – aka wild hair bunch

Next to this I used the chance to meet a couple of more people in London. Like the tow chaps on the photo and Keir Whitaker on Sunday morning. Go and meet the people you know if you are in a city they live in or are close to. Always great and new experiences.