Hello and welcome!

I am currently (and for a loooong time already …) working on my new site. Whether it will be a blog or more a portfolio site. I still don't know. I think it is going to be a simple and plain blog about personal things, work related stuff, and everything that drives me and which I stumble upon. But sadly a lot of other stuff keeps me away from finally doing it. I think you all know this situation: client work, other interesting projects, writing books and articles, running other blogs/communities, organising events and conferences etc.

In 2010 I founded beyond tellerrand, an event series where designers, developers, and other creative minds meet and exchange. The last edition just took place and it was a blast! 500+ people have been part of this and over 130 people where waiting on the list for a drop out to get the chance of attending. Now I am trying the next step and am currently organising the second edition of beyond tellerrand // BERLIN.

You can check the Videos of all my events at the beyond tellerrand Vimeo channel. Don't forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and/or follow the btconf Twitter account.

And as usual, you are invited to contact me at any time with questions about the events, me or just to say hello. Write a mail (info-at-marcthiele-dot-com) or catch me at one of the social clubs:

Thanks for your interest and take care!