Berlin Letters 2024

I won’t get tired of telling you about why events like Berlin Letters and in-person events in general are worth attending. Next to the talks – which where excellent – this one has proven once more, that the human interaction at this kind of events is the actual reason to attend. Well, at least for me it is.

It was lovely to meet people again, like Elliot, Eva-Lotta, Norman, Jürgen, Martina, Francis or Ivo and Georg, plus the organisers of the event, of course, just to mention a few.

But surely it always is great to also get to know new people. I got to meet a few people that made this trip especially exciting, like Jamie, Emma who I had the pleasure to hang out with during this event or Gustavo Ferrari, who opened the third day of the event with a lovely talk about Fileteado, in which he was not only talking about his work, but also about the history of Fileteado.

Overall I hope that events like Berlin Letters will survive and grow. They are important for human connections, but also for your business. But most importantly they fuel your creative batteries and inspire you to explore new fields or motivate you to keep on doing what you do.