Grids for Instagram

I was looking for a good option to use Instagram on my laptop. After Flume did not update their software for ages and stopped replying to and email to their support, I found Grids.

If you want to use Grids, you need a subscription after a free trial period. Well, I am not a huge fan of subscription based software, but the plans start with $1 a month when paying annually ($2,49, when billed monthly). You can use it for free, but the free version really lacks a lot of features and $1 a month is something I am prepared to pay if software and support are good.

Part of a screenshot showing an option do not show ads.
This is great: no ads!

It needs a bit to get used to the different look and feel compared to Instagram itself, but once you are into it, it really is great. You can customise, how you want to see your stream, how big the photos should be, the gutter between the photos and much more.

Grids support multiple accounts, as well as stories, bookmarks, notifications and much more. Plus: Grids is available for Mac OS and Windows. But the best part to pay $1 for is: you can deactivate those absolute annoying ads you get more and more when using Instagram.